Revolutionizing Advertising during the holiday season: Kruidvat improves average CPC over traditional banners

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Kruidvat Social Display Creative


increase in CTR
improvement in avg CPC

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Kruidvat is a popular drugstore in Belgium. The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness around Kruidvat’s products in a creative way to generate interest and ultimately lead to website visits during the busy end-of-year holiday period.

KPI: Increase the CTR while decreasing the CPC.


Kruidvat needed to find a way to break through the noise during the holiday season. In collaboration with GroupM (Mindshare) Belgium, it decided the best way to stand out was by launching a campaign using Spaceback’s Social Display technology to increase website visits through engaging creatives directly from its social media content. The brand also began a retargeting campaign using Social Display not long after activating in order to retarget the audience who showed an interest in Kruidvat’s products but hadn’t yet converted.

With the market being overflowed with promotions during one of the busiest times of the year for advertising, working with Spaceback to enhance display creatives helped the brand to stand out from the competition during a busy end-of-year period.

Not only has Kruidvat successfully achieved its goals of increasing CTR while decreasing CPC, but working with Spaceback’s creative automation platform allows the brand to utilize ready-to-go creative with no production costs or timely development processes. Kruidvat continues to promote several products during each campaign which induce important creative costs.

We were so pleased with how quickly we could get creatives live. Spaceback’s Social Display technology has been a huge asset for many of our clients. Using Kruidvat’s social content for programmatic helped us save so much time and money during the busy holiday season, not to mention the improved performance like a lower CPC and higher CTR! We’re excited to see how this campaign with Spaceback will perform as it continues to reach people across the open web.
– Frédéric Guth
Head of Programmatic Business Unit, Mindshare